For Private Investors

We create and manage investment portfolios for clients from a wide variety of nationalities, offering a highly personalised service to all our clients.

A Highly Personalised Service

As a firm that caters to individual wealth management, we offer a highly personalised service to all our clients. Portfolios may include bonds, equities, and a variety of investment funds including hedge funds, in a range of currencies, with a selective use of options strategies. We provide portfolios in Euros, Dollars, Sterling and Swiss Francs. All portfolios are shaped to suit our clients’ objectives.

Our client relationship begins with a number of initial personal meetings to allow us to fully understand their needs and requirements and to discuss in depth the appropriate strategy for their account. Thereafter we hold regular meetings with each client to review and discuss issues as they arise and to review their portfolio in the light of their longer financial planning.

Our Clients

ISGAM’s success has been built on the management and services we have provided for over thirty years to a diverse clientele all over the world. These clients include: high net worth individuals and families, trusts and foundations.


Our average client has between one and five million dollars under our management. Our clients’ portfolios are held in accounts in their own name at well-known international custodians of the highest financial security, reputation and quality.

Benefits to Private Investors

Peace of mind that your assets are with financial secure and reputable banks & brokers.

Independent & Unbiased

Our clients stay with us because we provide advice which benefits them – not us.

Income & Growth

Our investment plans help you deliver proven results and returns, bringing you closer to your financial goals in better time.

Greater Clarity

The investment world can be confusing, even for very successful people. Our experts bring clarity so you understand the choices before you.

Stability & Peace of Mind

Investment volatility is normal, but we help you manage and mitigate it through careful portfolio construction and management.

Healthy Risk Management

Perhaps your goal is to preserve wealth, or maybe to create it. Regardless, we always work with your risk tolerance in mind.

A Trusted Adviser

Our clients stay with us for many years (multi-generational), because we deliver results and build a strong relationship with them.

Platform, custodian and jurisdiction…

Your choice!

ISGAM has the authority to invest and manage assets within the account according to a rigid and contractual portfolio management agreement.