The quality, skills and talents of ISGAM's people are of upmost importance to our clients and determines our continued success.

Current Vacancies:

We are currently recruiting two relationship managers / financial planners.
The ideal candidates will be:

  • Full professional proficiency in English.
  • You will have all the necessary regulatory qualifications to work in Switzerland as an Relationship Manager or Personal Financial Planner and effectively service the markets that you cover.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in advising high net worth clients as a Relationship Manager at a private bank, fiduciary service company or as an independent financial adviser.
  • An entrepreneurial and business attitude.
  • Adherence to company and regulatory rules and guidelines.

We will provide:

  • Transparent and punctual remuneration linked to initial and ongoing revenues generated for the company.
  • Openness to new custody relationship to ease the transfer of existing clients, based on suitable business case.
  • Self-employed or employed status.
  • Proven exit strategy of selling your clients to ISGAM.
  • A proven market place– most likely in Switzerland, South Africa, the Middle East or SE Asia.
  • An experienced and successful team whose Partners, lead portfolio manager and key administrative personnel have been working together since before the creation of the company.
  • A fast growing expertise in Socially Responsible Investing, whose principles are reflected within the business.
  • Additional banking services via existing custodian relationships.
  • A 30-year track record of service and performance.

Our hope is that:

  • You will ideally be resident in Switzerland with a valid work permit, although Portugal, the UK and South Africa are also possible.
  • You will successfully transfer a minimum CHF 50m book of HNW discretionary managed clients or build your existing client book to this level and beyond, with our ongoing support.
  • Your clients will each have a minimum CHF 500,000 (or equivalent) managed by our firm.
  • Your earnings will build directly in proportion to the clientele you build. – You and ISGAM grow when the clients grow and thus everyone’s interests are aligned.
  • You will in due course deserve to be offered partnership status.

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Interviews are held in Zurich, Geneva, London, Lisbon or South Africa.
We are looking forward to your application. Please fill in the application form below with motivation letter and CV both in English, photo, employment references and diplomas.

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