Security is a state of mind.


Putting client needs back in
the focus of financial planning.


Value & information based investing.

Investing globally for higher long-term returns.


Private Clients

We create and manage investment portfolios for clients from a wide variety of nationalities offering a highly personalised service to all our clients.

Institutional Investors

ISGAM offers an asset allocation and analysis service to investment managers, professional investment advisors and financial planners.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to understand our clients’ financial needs and aspirations, to manage their invested money accordingly, and to be a lifelong guide to them and to their families.

Specialised Experience

Our principals, portfolio managers and financial planners have been in business for over 34 years.

Global Reach

Our team looks after clients in South Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.

Proven, Discretionary Service

Our experience means we are trusted by successful clients to make sound investment decisions on their behalf.

Tailored Portfolio Construction

We use proprietary portfolio models developed over the past 30 years to aid us in the asset allocation portfolios.

A Sensible Approach To Risk

Whether we are being asked to create wealth or preserve it, our portfolios are built to secure our clients’ financial future.

Advisers, To Advisers

Our asset allocation and analysis service is offered to investment managers, advisors and financial planners.

“As a long term expatriate I was looking for an organisation to help me with my financial management. For the last 15 years ISGAM has fulfilled that role successfully. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others who are in the same situation as me.”

Michael Ellis, France
Years In Business

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About Us

ISGAM is based on a strong core team who have been putting their clients first for over 30 years.

Established in Switzerland in 2001 to provide a secure framework for the management of their clients’ portfolios. The team shares its members’ considerable expertise, making it fully available to each client. This includes the full knowledge and experience of our portfolio management team and a broad range of specific financial planning skills and information.